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Your Hosts- Andy and Kim Bonham
Greetings from Coldwater, Michigan!  We are glad you have found us on the world wide web, and hope that this site provides you with useful information when considering your next vacation destination.

Let me share with you how we chose Coldwater, Michigan.  Born and raised in the Midwest, we married in 1995 and moved to the suburbs of Chicago, so that Andy could work in the steel industry.  In 1999, we decided to open our own steel company, and were very lucky in that we could conduct business from an office, and that office could be anywhere!!  Sounds great, but I remember it being a daunting task as we had every choice in the world!  We spent over a year looking for that perfect place that fit all the criteria- Not in the Big City (big time #1), close to our hometowns, a town rich in history, and on a chain of lakes. We often joke that we left Chicago- headed east- and found Coldwater before we got too close to Detroit!!!
We moved to Coldwater in 2000 and soon began meeting the hometown local folks.  If it was the lakes and beauty of the town that brought us here, it has certainly been the people that keep us here.  Really nice, inviting, and fun people.  People that care about their community and each other.   Our kind of people.  So, for the past 13 years, family reunions, crawfish boils, bonfires, full moon parties, "give us a reason to party" parties with family and friends!  Lots of great memories!
Make some great memories of your own with us at the Best Kept Secret!!!
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